Buying a horse

You can use our filters to find your ideal horse based on breed, location, gender, age, etc.

You can save the horses that you are interested with by clicking on the heart that appears on top of the post. If you want to check your saved horses, you just have to click on the heart that appears on the right side of the menu bar.

For contacting the seller you can send a direct message by clicking on “Direct message” on top of the post. If you want to, you can also send them an email or give them a call.

Give the seller a little time to respond to your request. Allow the seller a few days to answer your question. Then you can try to reach them by phone or email.

Our website is completely free. We offer the contact between the buyer and the seller but we do not take part on the transaction whatsoever. We do not take any kind of comission from the seller or the buyer.


Selling your horse
  1. Create an account: Register with your e-mail address.
  2. What plan would you like to use? Now you can choose if you want to post a regular listing or if you want your horse to be featured on top of the page.
  3. Fill in the details – Make sure you fill out the form completely. The more information you give about your horse, the more buyers will trust you. Publish your listing once everything is ready!
  4. Answer clients doubts – Keep up with your listing and make sure you solve possible buyers doubts.

Our website displays horses following a priority order, which means that posts with a higher priority order will be displayed on top of the page and will be seen by more people.

Priority order:

  1. Verified horses
  2. Featured horses
  3. Regular horses

With the regular package your horse listing lasts for 180 days or until your horse is bought. For the paid packages, you will benefit from the extra features for 30 days. After that, your horse will be reposted as a regular listing for 180 more days. 

You can check our pricings here

You can always repost your horse with the free package. However, If you want to extend a paid package you can rebuy it for 30 additional days.

Simply copy the URL of the video to Youtube and paste it into the appropriate place in the ad. Make sure that the video is publicly visible on Youtube. Shoot in horizontal and make sure the video shows your horse movements.